David Guttman

I help companies build awesome engineering teams.

Hi. I'm David Guttman, and I help companies build awesome engineering teams.

I run Superstruct. We're not a dev shop, nor are we recruiters. We use our experience to help you find, hire, and onboard amazing software engineers, wherever they are. We don't take a cut or own those relationships, you do.

Other roles of mine include VP Engineering of Outlier.org, CTO of Interlincx. And, previously I have worked and led teams at Disney and AT&T Interactive.

If you're interested in JavaScript and in LA you should come to js.la. If you're not in LA, you can see our previous talks on YouTube. You might also want to check out my two books: Fullstack Node.js and Fullstack React.

Once a month, I host a gathering of hackers, makers, artists, and inventors to share their work and inspire each other: Spec.LA. If it's your first time, you have to demo.

A portfolio of my interactive artwork, and related tutorials, are at thhis.com and dry.ly.