David Guttman

I help founders build awesome engineering teams.

Hi. I'm David Guttman, and I help founders build awesome engineering teams.

My company, Superstruct helps companies build products and platforms by providing engineering recruiting, vetting, onboarding, and management. We specialize in building distributed teams and finding the right talent all over the world.

Other roles of mine include VP Engineering of Outlier.org, CTO of Interlincx. And, previously I have worked and led teams at Disney and AT&T Interactive.

My most recent book is The Superstruct Manifesto: A Survival Guide for Founders Who Depend on Devs To Get Things Done. I have also written two books on JavaScript: Fullstack Node.js and Fullstack React.

Once a month, I host a gathering of hackers, makers, artists, and inventors to share their work and inspire each other: Spec.LA. If it's your first time, you have to demo.